NABE fall 2023 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Marco van den Berg Scholten |
NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Fall 2023

The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) proudly announces “In Search of Achilles” as the winner in the category of Literary Fiction for the Fall 2023 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards.

This captivating novel delves into the journey of a young aristocrat exploring his values during the pivotal summer of 1990 in Western Europe. Amidst a backdrop where capitalism triumphs over communism, the story unfolds in an era marked by hedonic arrogance and overwhelming self-confidence. However, beneath this surface of euphoria, the protagonist perceives a deepening void in the soul of the Occident. As the age-old declaration “God is dead” resonates and postmodernism’s dogmas challenge every moral anchor, the story questions the existence of any remaining moral stronghold.

“In Search of Achilles” is a profound exploration of these themes, inviting readers to walk the streets of the Old World alongside the protagonist and discover the answers he seeks.