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…He blinked again but ignored my remark. He kept looking into my eyes patiently. I looked back just as patiently and tried to reach his compassion level. We were exchanging friendly looks for a few moments. „How are you for money?“ He then asked…

From the novel “In Search of Achilles”
Marco van den Berg Scholten

Marco van den Berg Scholten

Author of “In Search Of Achilles”, a novel about the unbehagen of the Occident.

“In Search of Achilles” is Marco van den Berg Scholten’s debut novel. The novel will be published by Köehler Books and is scheduled to be released on October 3, 2023.

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My interview with Nachtgespräch

September 26, 2023

I would like to share with you my interview about “In Search of Achilles”, which was broadcasted on the local Trier (Germany) television program Nachtgespräch, on the 22nd of September 2023. About Nachtgespräch A new episode every week – a new guest every week – and up to an hour of real conversation every week. This is the new series “Nachtgespräch” on OK54, which can not only be seen on television and in the media library, but is also gradually appearing as a podcast on more and more popular listening platforms.

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My book tour is starting!

September 13, 2023
Book Signing of "In Search of Achilles"

“In Search of Achilles” is on sale as of October 3rd. On October 7th I shall be present to sign the novel in the city where the novel begins: Groningen, in the Netherlands. In the town’s oldest privately owned bookstore GODERT WALTER, I will be in the back with a nice pen. If you happen to be in the Low Countries, take a train up North. It will be worth your while. Address: Boekhandel Godert WalterOude Ebbingestraat 539712 HC Groningen Time: 15:00 – 17:00 hrs. Please have a look at the official announcement here.

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Oceanic Truths

July 27, 2023

Pretty soon now, my first novel, “In Search of Achilles” will be published. It is a novel that has been long in the making, as I structured its basic framework as early as 1990. Incidentally, that is the year in which the story is set. So now, 33 years later, that same framework is coming into being as a 360-plus paged, red-blooded novel. What is fascinating to me is the fact that after all these years, the basic structure hasn’t changed. When I restarted writing the book in the winter of 2021, the plot hardly deviated from its original skeleton […]

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Help me choose a cover

July 15, 2023
In Search Of Achilles Book Cover Selection

The release of my debut, “In Search Of Achilles,” is quickly approaching, and I’m thrilled to share that my publisher, Köehler Books, has unveiled a page featuring two potential book covers. Your valuable input in selecting the final cover would mean the world to me. Please take a moment to vote and help us decide which one best represents the essence of the story. Your support is greatly appreciated as we count down to the book’s release! Please visit Köehler Books and vote!

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